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Cost Reduction Technology For Food & Drink Manufacturers

Food Production Machinery

Plantstats  is a complete data capture package that gives production data in real-time to help you manage your business. Plantstats was written with the close cooperation of several household name food and drink manufacturers. The result is a jargon free, easy to use data collection system that has proved effective in driving up efficiencies and driving down costs. Its modular design means users can customise PlantStats to meet their needs and gain real cost reductions

QCS are committed to ensuring our customers get the most from their software. From pre-purchase advice through to project management, installation and training you can be confident that our professional service is dedicated to providing real cost benefits to your business.


Downtime & OEE

oee boxThe PlantStats OEE & Downtime system gives production management a powerful tool to analyse factory efficiency. With a simple to use operator interface, PlantStats can quickly identify your efficiency issues, from reliability problems on individual pieces of equipment to material supply problems on the line. PlantStats allows you to take control of your production processes and identify and eliminate any weaknesses.

Quality Attributes
quality box

PlantStats Quality Module is an industry standard weight and quality monitoring system that provides a complete solution for HACCP, Average Weight and Attribute Data Monitoring and Recording.

In today's fast moving and competitive food industry rapid access to information is key to ensuring the product is produced at the lowest cost whilst maintaining the standards demanded by your customers.

Checkweigher Data Collection

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PlantSTATS unique design makes it compatible with most makes and models of checkweigher. The software  completely transforms checkweighers from generators of rarely read paper records to a fully functioning Quality and Production Management System. Weight and yield information along with performance data is collected in real time to give production and technical managers the tools to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Right First Time

rftboxOn modern high volume production lines with frequent product, film, label, and date changes, there is always a risk of an operator fitting the wrong film or selecting the incorrect barcode or date. These errors can be costly both in terms of reputation and financial penalties. PlantStats Right First Time modules can both monitor the line and automatically setup key pieces of equipment on the line.